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Week 2 Assignment: If your house was on fire and you knew everyone was safe, what would you try to save?  This was a difficult assignment for me because I tend to hold on to a lot of things.  I don’t necessarily have heirlooms or anything like that, but little things that make me happy.  When my son was 2, he painted a little bird house for me for Mother’s Day.  It’s half painted and half raw wood.  I love it.  But would I grab it? I don’t think I would.  Only because that is one of THOUSANDS of things I’d want to grab.  So, I settled on two things: My laptop and my wedding rings.  My laptop holds all my photos and home videos.  I’d DIE without those.  It also stores account passwords and other important things that, frankly, would be so annoying to have to figure out if I didn’t have it.  I’d grab my rings simply because they mean so much to me.  I didn’t meet my husband until I was 32 and always dreamed that whoever I’d marry would be perfect.  Well, he is (most of the time).  I waited my whole life to meet him and these rings symbolize an entirely new phase of my life.  It’s what I’ve wanted for a very long time.  Because of him, I have my son and what I hope is a lifetime of happiness and companionship.  So, here are my “House on Fire” objects.

52 Week Project-1995


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