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Ok, I’m cheating a bit this week.  Don’t hate me.  I’m sick and just haven’t had a minute to take anything worth sharing this week, so I’m digging into my archives for an oldie but goodie.  This is a photo of my dad.  2 years ago, he was in a terrible motorcycle accident where he suffered a traumatic brain injury.  His life has never been the same since.  He lives in a nursing home and needs 24 hour care.  In this photo, you can see his off camera gaze, typical for him because of the brain injury. In the background, you can see his feeding tube machine.  It’s quite a sad situation compared to the life he used to live BUT I love this photo for so many reasons.  One of them is because I still have a dad around to see, hug, kiss, and take pictures of.  Also, when I took this, I finally “saw” the light and how it fell on his face.  I sat there, in his nursing home room, and just snapped and snapped turning him in his wheelchair in all different directions until it was just right.  He sat there as patient as can be and just let me take the photos.  Gotta love this man!  So, yes, it’s a 2 year old photo but it’ll have to do for this week until I’m well enough to take one worth sharing.

@2012 Danielle Larson

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