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This week’s theme was hard.  What is a part of me? I tend to hoard a lot of stuff.  If you saw my basement, you’d know that I hang on to a LOT of stuff. I have all my old yearbooks, back to elementary school.  I have all my vinyl records from my HS years, yep, lots of 80’s hairband RECORDS. I have boxes and boxes of photos and negatives and VHS tapes.  I have my old Cabbage Patch Kids and Holly Hobby.  I have a LOT of stuff.  But when thinking about this theme, nothing was worthy of photographing because I don’t feel like it is a PART of me.

So, I stopped looking at materialistic stuff and started to focus on what really matters: My relationships. So, how do you photograph that?  I wanted more than a portrait.  So for days, I thought about it.  Then when making my great grandmother’s meatballs and sauce, it hit me.  THIS IS A PART OF ME! They take hours to make, starting with mixing the meat, breadcrumbs and cheese.  Then frying them in oil until golden brown.  Then simmering in crushed tomatoes for HOURS until the sauce becomes a thick “gravy” as we call it.  YUM!

P52 Week4


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