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Sunset on the beach (again!)

Yes, I love LOVE these sunset on the beach sessions!  OMG the lighting is just perfect and the sunsets are amazing!  I can’t stress enough how much fun it is and the great time families have on these shoots.  I only like to schedule one per week because we watch the weather and wait for the best night we can predict for a gorgeous sunset!!! I’ve photographed this family several times, starting with mom when she was expecting her second daughter.  They are a beautiful family and so great to work with!  Here are some of my favorites from their session.  Believe it or not, someone already inquired about these sessions for next year (yep, Summer of 2015) so if you think you want a session, let me know NOW and I’ll pencil you in!!!  😀

sunset beach family-8

sunset beach family-7

sunset beach family-6

sunset beach family-5

sunset beach family-4

sunset beach family-3

sunset beach family-2

sunset beach family-1


6 month old beauty

Yes, she’s 6 months old.  Yes, she’s a beauty.  But she’s more than that.  She’s smiley, happy, and just amazing all around.  I was so happy to have the opportunity to be there when her mommy and daddy got married.  They let me practice taking photos at their Fire Island beach wedding.  Then, when her mommy was pregnant, I took maternity photos and was there to celebrate her soon-to-be arrival at the baby shower.  Then she was finally born.  I was there for the newborn photos.  And now these… 6 months old and her first Valentine’s Day.  I just love this baby girl.  And her mom and dad too!  😉

FB Teaser-25

FB Teaser-34

FB Teaser-17

FB Teaser-19

FB Teaser-23

FB Teaser-1

FB Teaser-32


I Reached National Status!

Yep! I’m now officially a nationally known photographer.  It happened.  I made it big time.  Well, ok, I’ll confess.  Someone out of state asked some locals to me for a reference for a photographer so she can buy her son and daughter in law a gift certificate for family portraits.  My name came up.  So, she booked me all the way from Ohio! However you want to call it, I was honored to be chosen and that she booked this session for such a great family.  These 3 were great.  I even got to meet the gifter in person, fresh off her flight from Ohio to Long Island! She tagged along at our shoot!  Yes, she traveled half way across the country to meet me.  Ok, no.  Again I confess.  She was here to visit and the photoshoot just happened to coincide with her visit.  It all about how you view it, right?  Anyway, enough of that.  ENJOY these photos!!!!













Best Brothers

Brothers will always have a strong bond.  These two definitely had a lot of fun together on this shoot – almost too much fun.  We laughed, played, chased, wrestled, and ran around, but in the end, I’m happy with the shots we got.  Take a look!











Adorable – Sweet – Gorgeous

That’s how I describe these kids from this family.  They really are all three!  Enjoy these favorites from the session!

FB Teaser-1

FB Teaser-2

FB Teaser-2-2

FB Teaser-3-2


Strong Family Bond

You could instantly tell that this family has a strong bond, with lots of love between them.  They were so great to work with and I’m so happy to share these images from their session with you.  Amazing.  Just amazing!  xoxoFB Teaser-27-2

FB Teaser-15

FB Teaser-14

FB Teaser-12

FB Teaser-11

FB Teaser-13

FB Teaser-16


Another 1st Birthday girl!!!!

Three in a row!  Three first birthday girls in a row!  Aren’t the boys lucky?  This cutie came full of smiles and personality to this session!  Check her out!

FB Teaser-30

FB Teaser-29

FB Teaser-28

FB Teaser-31

FB Teaser-32

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