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273/365 shadow puppets – dancing to music #shadows #shadowpuppets #bedtime #365 #365Project #documentyourdays #inthenow

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#TBT and another from the session. I just love maternity sessions! #familyphotographer #longislandmoms #longislandsunset #maternityphotography #summer #sunsetonthebeach #maternity #lilacblossomphotography #longislandphotographer #nikon #longislandphotography

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#tbt This is still one of my favorite maternity sessions, probably because it’s of a friend and I shot simultaneously with another friend – just 3 girls at the beach at sunset… Ya know, typical stuff… Anyway it’s a great photo and I wanted to share again today. #nikon #longislandphotography #longislandphotographer #lilacblossomphotography #love #maternity #sunsetonthebeach #summer #maternityphotography #longislandsunset #longislandmoms #familyphotographer

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New York City

I had the pleasure of meeting 6 wonderful photographers online almost 3 years ago.  In this time, we have all grown as photographers and friends.  Last year, we decided to all get together and meet and have a photography retreat.  4 of the 6 were able to come and we had a BLAST!  We spent time laughing, taking photos, and strengthening friendships and bonds we have all formed over the past couple of years.  We were up past midnight giggling like little school girls and just truly enjoying each other’s company.  I was sad to see our time together come to an end.  I love these women like sisters and will never forget this experience.  I can’t wait to do it again!!!!

NYC Retreat-0986

NYC Retreat-1065

NYC Retreat-1189

NYC Retreat-1216

NYC Retreat-1232

NYC Retreat-1316

NYC Retreat-1332

NYC Retreat-1379


52 Week Project ::Week 29:: Shadow as Subject

To Infinity and BEYOND!!! This week, the theme is shadows as the subject.  So, Buzz Lightyear here was helpful with his long shadow at dusk.  I’m glad someone around here had fun playing with him.  I can’t remember the last time my 4 yr old played with this toy.  Hmmmm time to clean the toy room and make some donations, I think!



52 Week Project ::Week 28:: Water

Water.  Sure I could go the the beach, grab some beautiful shots of the ocean or even the sound.  I live on Long Island, after all.  Nah.  I also thought about macro shots of water drops on a leaf or something.  That’s fun.  But this week’s theme kind of just fell in my lap.  I had some friends over this weekend and we were enjoying my new pool in the backyard.  My girlfriend was changing her 1 yr old and I got a glimpse of the cute baby bottom!  So, here she is, near water wanting to go IN the water.




**Note: Pool safety was observed here. Mom was just inches from the baby and there was never a danger of her falling in.**


52 Week Project ::Week 27:: Red, White & Blue

It’s Fourth of July week during week 27 and I was able to capture the good ol’ red, white and blue in several ways: One with my son while I played around with some other photographers in their studio and we practiced studio lighting.  The other were some fireworks we watched from my backyard.  Happy Summer everyone!!!



kenny July4-0158

kenny July4-0165

kenny July4-0171

kenny July4-0173

kenny July4-0177

kenny July4-0183

kenny July4-0191

kenny July4-0192

kenny July4-0195

kenny July4-0197

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