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Children and Families

National Status

Yep! I’m now officially a nationally known photographer.  It happened.  I made it big time.  Well, ok, I’ll confess.  Someone out of state asked some locals to me for a reference for a photographer so she can buy her son and daughter in law a gift certificate for family portraits.  My name came up.  So, she booked me all the way from Ohio! However you want to call it, I was honored to be chosen and that she booked this session for such a great family.  These 3 were great.  I even got to meet the gifter in person, fresh off her flight from Ohio to Long Island! She tagged along at our shoot!  Yes, she traveled half way across the country to meet me.  Ok, no.  Again I confess.  She was here to visit and the photoshoot just happened to coincide with her visit.  It all about how you view it, right?  Anyway, enough of that.  ENJOY these photos!!!!







Best Brothers

Brothers will always have a strong bond.  These two definitely had a lot of fun together on this shoot – almost too much fun.  We laughed, played, chased, wrestled, and ran around, but in the end, I’m happy with the shots we got.  Take a look!










Adorable – Sweet – Gorgeous

That’s how I describe these kids from this family.  They really are all three!  Enjoy these favorites from the session!

FB Teaser-1

FB Teaser-2

FB Teaser-2-2

FB Teaser-3-2

Strong Family Bond

You could instantly tell that this family has a strong bond, with lots of love between them.  They were so great to work with and I’m so happy to share these images from their session with you.  Amazing.  Just amazing!  xoxo

FB Teaser-27-2

FB Teaser-15

FB Teaser-14

FB Teaser-12

FB Teaser-11

FB Teaser-13

FB Teaser-16

Another girl turns 1!

Three in a row!  Three first birthday girls in a row!  Aren’t the boys lucky?  This cutie came full of smiles and personality to this session!  Check her out!

FB Teaser-30

FB Teaser-29

FB Teaser-28

FB Teaser-31

FB Teaser-32

Baby M turns 1!!

We broke this little girl’s first birthday session into two parts: one at the park and the other in studio.  There are so many great shots to choose from.  Which one is your favorite?

FB Teaser-20

FB Teaser-21

FB Teaser-22

FB Teaser-23

FB Teaser-24

FB Teaser-25

Happy Birthday to YOU!

This family celebrated 2 birthdays this summer.  One turned 5 and the other turned 1!  We got some great photos that will last a lifetime for this family!

FB Teaser-6

FB Teaser-7

FB Teaser-8

FB Teaser-9

Summer’s End

I’m trying to catch up on blogging sessions.  I always have the best intentions to blog once I complete  a gallery, but time just gets in the way and I don’t.  I had a great session with these folks at the end of summer.  They were so fun to work with!

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FB Teaser-4

FB Teaser-5

FB Teaser-3

Best Buddies

Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

These brothers just seem to have a special bond.  When I met this family, the older brother introduced himself (and his age) to me and then immediately introduced his little brother.  I learned his age, birthday, type of birthday party he had, his favorite food, color, and I think his shoe size!  LOL  They were such great brothers to work with and I could tell the little one definitely looked up to his older brother.  Enjoy some of my favorites from this session.

FB Teaser-2-2

FB Teaser-1-8

FB Teaser-1-7

FB Teaser-1-10

FB Teaser-1-4

FB Teaser-1-5

Three Amigos!

These 3 boys were a blast to work with.  They really loved working in front of the camera.  Between throwing a football around, sitting still for some poses, and getting a little more than their feet wet, it was a great session overall.  Here are some of my favorites, including an outtake at the end!  I guess my lens buddy functions better as a bracelet than as a prop to wear on my lens to get his attention!  😀

FB Teaser-5

FB Teaser-6

FB Teaser-2

FB Teaser-1

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Pretty Girls… Oh so Pretty!

Yes, they’re pretty and easy to photograph, but let me tell you something.  When I first met them, they instantly hugged me and held my hands (one on either side) as we walked down the boardwalk to our shooting location.  They’re so sweet and I had so much fun at this session.  Ah! I’m in love!

FB Teaser-4-2

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FB Teaser-4-4

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You can’t buy sunsets like this!

I truly think the sunset on this night was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen.  I’m not kidding. It was amazing! This family got so very lucky to have booked a session on this night!  They definitely got the best deal of the season!

FB Teaser-4-6

FB Teaser-4

FB Teaser-4-4

FB Teaser-4-3

FB Teaser-4-2

FB Teaser-4-5

Fun Family

These two boys were so fun to photograph.  When I first met this family, the older boy came right up and asked me, “What are you doing here?” I gave it right back and asked him the same thing!  Smiles for miles….. we instantly hit it off.  They were so much fun and full of energy!   It was nearly impossible to get both to look at the camera and smile at one time.  But don’t worry, I managed to get a few!  But I also got lots of outtakes!  I love so many photos from this session!

FB Teaser-4

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FB Teaser-4-6

Summer Sunsets

I live on Long Island so we’re surrounded by beautiful beaches and water.  So why not offer sunset photos at the beach? I did just that and sessions sold out in just days.  I was so excited!  Now, I’m even more excited because I’m finally taking all those photos and for the entire summer, I’ll be sharing them here!

Last night was the first of many summer sunset beach sessions.  This family is just gorgeous and their little party of 3 will soon be a party of 5 in November!  Yep, they’re expecting TWINS!!!!  How exciting!? I hope you enjoy these photos.  I had so much fun taking them!!!!

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FB Teaser-3

FB Teaser-4

FB Teaser-5

Big Family – Big Love

When I was contacted to photograph this family, I had no idea what to expect.  They are full of love and laughter and I had a great time on the beach with them, despite the heat and humidity.  Here are some of my favorites from this session.  😉


©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-7

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-24

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-27

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-40

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-49

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-51

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-57

Baby C turns ONE!!!!

I love babies and I especially love to photograph them when they turn 1.  They have no interest in sitting for photos and quite often are on the move which makes getting even one photo impossible.  But I love it anyway.  Here’s baby C and a few of his older brother N.  Aren’t they handsome guys?

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-12

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-16

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-25

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-23

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-76

Spring Mini Sessions

Springtime is beautiful and I just love taking photos outside with the beautiful scenic background as my “studio”.  I posted these on my FB page but wanted to share them here as well.  These are my absolute favorites from all the sessions I had over 2 weekends in May.

FB Teaser-1

FB Teaser-1

FB Teaser-2

FB Teaser-1 copy 2

FB Teaser-1

FACEBOOK w watermark-8







Yes, this little man is so adorable and has the life, I’ll tell ya!  I was so happy for this opportunity to capture some everyday moments in this family’s life.  Here are just a few of my favorites from this session! (Scroll to the last one – I love toes so that’s my favorite of them all!)

FB teaser-1-2

FB teaser-2-2

FB teaser-6

FB teaser-3

FB teaser-4

FB teaser-5


Photographing a toddler is always a gamble.  Here, I had to bribe him with pretzels.  If you look close enough, you’ll spot them in his hands.  I usually have no problem getting him to act silly or dance around, but it’s hard to get him to smile with a not-so-cheesy-squished-up smile.  Here are some of my favorites from this impromptu mini shoot of my little man.  Enjoy!

Little bit of cute, little bit of silly...

St. Patty’s Day Fun!

I didn’t intend to have a collection of St. Patrick’s Day photos to share, but it kind of happened.  On a 1st birthday photo shoot, I captured some great photos of the older siblings, and this one in particular really made me smile.  Those Irish eyes (and freckles) are just perfect for the day!  The other two photos were taken as fun let-me-play-with-my-friend’s-kids photos (the girl is Irish and the boy was born on St. Patty’s Day!)  So, here ya go!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

FACEBOOK teaser-1

FB teaser-1

FACEBOOK w watermark-1

Happy 1st Birthday, Mr. Cupid!

Yes, this little man was born on Valentine’s Day!  Here are a few of my favorites from his 1st Birthday photo shoot!

FB teaser-1

FACEBOOK w-watermark-1

FACEBOOK w-watermark-6


Valentine’s Day is always so much fun, but this year is was very special to have all these cuties in my studio!

Valentine's Day-2-8

Valentine's Day-1-3

Valentine's Day-2-4

Valentine's Day-2-6

Valentine's Day-2-9

Valentines Day minis-6613

Sibling Love

Yes, this brother and sister duo really do love each other and were so much fun to photograph.  Here are just a few from my session with them in their home.

FACEBOOK - watermarked for web-15

FACEBOOK - watermarked for web-23

FACEBOOK - watermarked for web-17

FACEBOOK - watermarked for web-21

FACEBOOK - watermarked for web-19

A few more Holiday Photos

These session were not-so-mini and I really enjoyed spending a good length of time with these families.  Here are my favorites from their sessions.

Heckscher Park-3701

Heckscher Park-3681

Heckscher Park-3454

Heckscher Park-3339

Heckscher Park-3207

Heckscher Park-3183

Heckscher Park-2900

Heckscher Park-2820

Heckscher Park-2765

Heckscher Park-2734

Fall / Holiday Mini Sessions 2012

I can’t thank all these families enough for a great time during these mini sessions.  Really, it was wonderful!  Here are some of my favorites from Sunken Meadow State Park on October 13th and Argyle Lake Park on October 27th.

Beautiful Lil’ Miss A!

What a pleasure this cutie was to photograph.  She’s so adorable!

Boys will be boys…

Look at these handsome 2 year olds.  They actually POSED for photos!  What 2 year old boys do you know that do that?

1st Birthday Minis

Call me crazy, but I just LOVED this mini session.  I put out a casting call for babies to pose for their 1st birthday and OMG I’m so happy how cute all these babies (and their older siblings) are!  I just love photographing this age!

Baby H and her big sis B

Baby J

Baby T

Baby D and Big Brother G

Introducing the McDreamy Brothers!

Yes, they really are McDreamy, um, I mean DREAMY!  I loved working with these two!  They’re both so cute in their own special way!  xoxo


Lock up your daughters because this 3 year old is sure to steal their hearts soon!  


I just love to capture the relationship between a brother and sister.  These two are beautiful children inside and out.  It was a fun day at the park and I’m happy I captured

these moments between them!

Handsome Brothers

These two boys have both style and charisma!  It’s true!  I had such a great time taking their photos!


Sweet Sisters!

I didn’t ask them to pose like this.  They did it all on their own.


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