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Precious Little Girl!

After so many newborn boys, it was fun to finally have a girl in the studio!  Oh my gosh.  Purples  & pinks… ribbons and pearls….flowers and feathers…. What’s not to love?  Oh and her two older brothers were so cute too! 😉

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-19

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-30

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-24

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-35

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-40

Baby M is here!

Another newborn boy!  That makes 3 in a row.  No 4 in a row if you count twins.  😉 This little guy slept the entire time and I swear if I tried, I bet I could tie him in a knot.  He was a dream to work with!

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-21

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-10

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-5

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-11

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-25

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-3

Precious Little Pumpkin

I was so honored when my coworker and friend asked me to take photos of her new baby boy.  Her older son was so great and was my “helper” for part of the session.  I loved taking these photos and I hope you love looking at them! 🙂


FB Teaser-4

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FB Teaser-2


Two little boys.  So cute, so tiny.   Both with very distinct personalities – even at 10 days old.  One was awake and alert, watching my every move.  The other so content on sleeping for hours.  I’m so curious to know what they’ll be like when they’re 5, 15 or even 25.  Will they still have those same traits? Will one still be alert and attentive while the other laid back and relaxed?  Time will tell……







Welcome to the World Baby A!

My friend Rebecca is one of those people who keeps you laughing, even if you don’t realize it.  She’s beautiful inside and out.  When she had her baby boy, I was lucky enough to spend a few days at her house with my stuff all over the place to give her these amazing newborn photos.  We got some great ones and were able to use lots of props.  I love each and every one of these.

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©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-18

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-34

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-46

Sweet Baby Girl

I always seem to wind up with newborn boys.  I love boys.  I have a son of my own, so what’s not to love?  BUT I really appreciate when a client has a baby girl because I have so many bows and headbands to use on them for photos.  Here are some of my favorites from this little girl’s newborn session.  I got lucky she also has a gorgeous older sister who posed for me as well.  😉




FB Teaser-1

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-13

©2013 Lilac Blossom Photography-22


This little man is sure to steal their hearts.  OMG can you take it?  I can’t!  I had tons of fun at this newborn shoot.  Mom had LOTS of cute props (some of which I want to steal! LOL)  Here’s a few of my favorites!

FB teaser-1

FB teaser-2

FB teaser-3

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FB teaser-5


I really DON’T want another baby, I promise you that.  But this little baby boy really just makes me want to contemplate it for 30 seconds or so…. I’m in love!

FB teaser-1

FB teaser-2

Easter teaser-2

I’m in Love!

Sometimes you just KNOW when a session is going well and you just KNOW when every photo you take is a “keeper”.  That was the case for this little man.  He slept like a dream, posed however I wanted him to pose and was just delightful in every way.  Here are a few of my favorites.

FACEBOOK sharing w-watermark-47

FACEBOOK sharing w-watermark-63

FACEBOOK sharing w-watermark-42

Sweet Baby Girl S.

After a dozen or so newborn boys, I FINALLY got the chance to photograph a newborn girl. It’s been almost a year since I had that chance. She’s just a dream! xoxo

Watermarked for Web-43

Sweet Baby Girl S.

Party of 5 Please…

The crown prince of the family – this baby helped make a family grow in size to be a party of 5!  So sweet….


FOR FACEBOOK - Watermarked-52

Just Adorable…

He’s just beyond cute and was so easy to pose whether he was awake or asleep.  Mom and dad have it lucky with him! xoxo




Baby Boy Jesse

He was a dream to photograph and his parents just couldn’t stop adoring him the entire time!  I love working with families like this!

Baby M

His mother and I are good friends, so when I had the chance to photograph her second son just days after his arrival, I was so happy to have the chance!  Look how handsome this little man is!  Oh and he was sooooo hairy, including his ears.  I loved that about him!

Meet this Cowboy

Mama, don’t let your baby grow up to be a cowboy…. Unless he’s this little cutie!  Baby J was the cutest baby ever and sooooo tiny!  He came 2 weeks early and just couldn’t wait to enter this world and meet his family, including his big brother C!  (Hat courtesy of The Little Pink Leopard)

Sweet Baby J

Look how sweet this baby boy J is.  He was such a good baby and his family is just delightful.  I loved working with them!


I loved working with these two sweet baby girls.  They were so cooperative and fun to work with.  At 6 days old, they definitely had their separate personalities to contend with!

Little Man J

How adorable is this little guy?   I couldn’t help but melt when I saw his smiling face, at just a week old.

Sweet Girls Becca and Madison

These darling girls were born days apart but I had the chance to photograph them both on the same day.  I just love little girls and their ribbons and bows!  xoxo


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