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Week 9: Shapes

It’s snowing (again) and I set out to take some macro shots of the flakes.  Who knows? It might be my last chance for a while!  So, as I was out back, I took a test shot of my table to make sure my settings/exposure were correct.  I think I like this better than the flakes I tried to get!  So, here it is, my submission for this week: shapes

9 shapes-1-2


Week 8: Perspective

The more I grow up, the more I realize how much more growing up I have to do. –Author unknown

My son has always measured how big he’s getting by standing under the breakfast bar counter. Last summer he barely could touch it with the top of his head. Only the top of his hair would brush it. Now he loves to see how much taller he is than the top of it!

8 Perspective-1


Week 7: Pastel

Pastel… colors you WON’T find in my house and definitely not outside with a foot of snow on the ground.  This week’s theme was hard.  But I decided to try a new technique to take these photos. I free lensed for the first time ever!  Free lensing is when you literally take OFF the lens off the camera and hold it next to the camera to take the photo.  I was able to get some really cool shots using this method.  I really liked it and for the first time ever, I think I did okay.

7 project52-1

7 project52-1-2


Week 6: Happy

Valentine’s Day wasn’t always a happy day for me.  Many years ago, my heart was broken to pieces on Valentine’s Day.  For years, I hated this day because I was either alone or was reminded of the heartbreak I experienced on that day many moons ago.  But now, I’m so HAPPY and grateful to have not one, but two Valentine’s in my life.  My husband and son left me these cards on my nightstand so they were the first thing I saw in the morning.  They are the most amazing people in my life and make me happy everyday.  Anyone who knows me knows that they are the definition of happy in my life.

6 project52-46


Week 5: A Part of Me

This week’s theme was hard.  What is a part of me? I tend to hoard a lot of stuff.  If you saw my basement, you’d know that I hang on to a LOT of stuff. I have all my old yearbooks, back to elementary school.  I have all my vinyl records from my HS years, yep, lots of 80’s hairband RECORDS. I have boxes and boxes of photos and negatives and VHS tapes.  I have my old Cabbage Patch Kids and Holly Hobby.  I have a LOT of stuff.  But when thinking about this theme, nothing was worthy of photographing because I don’t feel like it is a PART of me.

So, I stopped looking at materialistic stuff and started to focus on what really matters: My relationships. So, how do you photograph that?  I wanted more than a portrait.  So for days, I thought about it.  Then when making my great grandmother’s meatballs and sauce, it hit me.  THIS IS A PART OF ME! They take hours to make, starting with mixing the meat, breadcrumbs and cheese.  Then frying them in oil until golden brown.  Then simmering in crushed tomatoes for HOURS until the sauce becomes a thick “gravy” as we call it.  YUM!

P52 Week4


Week 4: Small

Small little flakes on small little lashes.  I really hoped to get a good macro of a snowflake, but it wasn’t working.  Then my son got some snow on his face and with a steady hand and a very cooperative kid, I managed to nail this shot!  I love it!

5 small


Week 3: Light

Light can be interpreted in many ways but “light as a feather” is what I went with this week!  This feather came from my winter coat and it was TINY!



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